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Welcome to our General Store!

We have modelled our General Store after the Ma and Pa operations that a lot of us remember growing up. It is a fully stocked grocery store, we carry all the usual sundrys you will find in town, but we try to take it a step further when it comes to quality. We try to always carry the best and offer it a fair price. 

We are big on supporting the local farmers and growers on the island. Garden fresh veggies picked that day is the norm in our produce section. We have built up strong relationships with many local farmers to encourage them to supply us with as much as they can grow. Local fisherman love to see the appreciation from people when they try their locally caught wild salmon or tuna loins, not to mention prawns and oysters.

We also carry hormone free and ethically raised meat from the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island as well as free range eggs. If you get there at the right time you might be able to grab one of the few dozen local farm eggs that are dropped off every morning.

The general store also carries a full selection of beers, wines and spirits. Our staff will have no problems recommending their favorites for you to try, but we assure you, you will also find many of your favorites from home. We have car fuel available as well as propane.

Check out the great selection of clothing we carry as well as local crafts, creations and artwork.

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