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Getting to Cortes Island and Gorge Harbour Marina Resort

    Embark on your Cortes Island adventure with breathtaking views of the Northern Gulf Islands, whether you're arriving by private boat, ferry, or seaplane. Despite its reputation as one of the more remote Gulf Islands, Cortes Island is anything but ordinary – it's a destination that promises a world away from the ordinary.

Gorge Harbour Marina Resort

Arrive by Boat

BC Ferries Tachek

Arrive by Car and Ferry

CorilAir Seaplane

Arrive by Seaplane

Water Taxi

Arrive by land Shuttle and Water Taxi

By Boat

Getting Here By Boat

The Gorge Harbour has a narrow, cliff lined entrance leading to a well protected basin with many anchoring options. On the north side there is a public dock and then just to the west The Gorge Harbour Marina. Gorge Harbour Marina Resort is a beloved destination for boaters, offer a perfect blend of convenience and charm. Located at coordinates: 50.099833, -125.024, the Marina offers protected docks for any size boat a comfortable and secure place to tie up. Please see our Marina page for more information. 

Gorge Harbour Marina Resort
By Ferry
BC Ferries Tachek

Getting Here By Road & Ferry

Discover the picturesque journey to Cortes Island by car and ferry! Begin your adventure by catching BC Ferries from Vancouver (Horseshoe Bay) to Nanaimo (Departure Bay), with a scenic ride lasting 1 hour and 40 minutes. If you're traveling from Seattle, you can opt for the Tsawwassen (Vancouver) to Duke Point (Nanaimo) route, which takes approximately 2 hours.

From Nanaimo, drive northward to Campbell River, a charming journey spanning 1 hour and 45 minutes. Upon arrival, board the ferry to Quadra Island, a quick 10-minute trip where you can conveniently purchase your fare to Cortes Island.

Alternatively, consider parking your car in Campbell River and indulging in the convenience of a Water Taxi or Seaplane directly to Cortes Island. See below for Water Taxi and Seaplane options. 

Once on Quadra Island, a short 10-minute drive from Quathiaski Cove to Heriot Bay awaits you. From there, hop aboard the ferry bound for Cortes Island (Whaletown), a scenic 45-minute voyage.


Upon reaching Cortes Island, it's just a brief 6-minute drive (or a leisurely 20-minute bike ride) to Gorge Harbour Marina Resort, where relaxation and adventure await. Prepare for an unforgettable island getaway!

For BC Ferries Sailing Schedules go here.

By Seaplane

Getting Here By Seaplane

Fly direct to our dock at Gorge Harbour Marina Resort !

20 minutes Campbell River, BC

One hour from Vancouver, BC
Two hours from Seattle, WA

CorilAir Charters (from Campbell River)

(Scheduled and Charter Service between Campbell River and region)

1-888-287-8366 |

Gulf Island Seaplanes (from Vancouver)

1-800-665-2359 |

Harbour Air (from Vancouver or Victoria)

1-800-665-0212 |

Kenmore Air (from Seattle)

1-866-435-9524 |

International and Domestic Air providers also fly between Vancouver International Airport and Campbell River or Comox including Air Canada, WestJet, Central Mountain Air and Pacific Coastal Airlines.

Seaplane at Gorge Harbour Marina Resort_edited.jpg
By Water Taxi
Water Taxi

Land Shuttle and Water Taxi

Water Taxi between Campbell River or Powell River are available and must be booked in advance. Land shuttle or taxi are also available from Campbell River Airport, Comox Airport or Powell Airport to the water taxi or seaplane docks. 

Land Shuttles

Campbell River Airport Shuttle (from Campbell River Airport - meets all commercial flights)


Ambassador Shuttle Service (from Comox Airport)

877-339-5252 |

Water Taxi 

Discovery Launch Water Taxi (from Campbell River)

250-287-7577 |

Qaya Way West Transportation (from Campbell River)

250-286-3050 |

Lund Water Taxi (from Lund)

250-287-7557 |

Need help planning your travel to Cortes Island? Please contact us!

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