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Enjoy our grounds while listening
to live entertainment!


Most evenings we have live entertainment on the deck. There is lots of space so please come and enjoy these free events!

Gorge Harbour Marina Resort

The Lodge

There are many ways to get to Gorge Harbour Marina Resort, whether its by camper to spend the week in a full serviced site, or maybe you’ve come over on foot to take the kids on their first tenting trip. You might have come in by sail or power boat and are spending sometime on the docks. Maybe you’ve brought over friends and rented the lodge or cottage. Its good to know that there are alot of things to do while you are here besides going for a swim and reading that book in the shade of an old apple tree that you ve been trying to finish for the last month.


At low tides the harbour is a great place to explore tidal pools along the shoreline. Gorge Harbour Marina Resort offers kayaks, canoes, paddleboards and power boats to take that exploration to a different level. Close by are well marked trails to hike through old second growth forests. Cortes Island offers some of the best warm water swimming on the West Coast of North America. Hague Lake (a 10 minute boat ride plus 10 minute walk from the Gorge) offers some of the most amazing fresh water swimming anywhere. Smelt Bay, at the southern tip of the island offers amazing beaches at low tides and Marina Island just out from the Gorge Harbour is a place everyone should watch the sunset at least once in their life.

Floathouse Restaurant


The  Floahouse Restaurant is permanently closed. A new food option will be announced for 2024.

Live Music at Gorge Harbour Marina Resort

Events Listing

We offer live music down on the waterfront for everyone’s enjoyment. Sit on your boat and enjoy it, or even better, grab a blanket and find a spot on the grassy hill. Bring your favorite beverages and just enjoy how life is meant to really be. 

Swimming Pool at Gorge Harbour

Pool/Hot Tub

For more information on the Gorge Harbour Marina Resorts swimming pool and hot tub please go here.  

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